How did Rs 10 make me happy?

Flower vendor in narrow old city alley at night. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Few days back I happened to walk down an alley in a brisk evening with the sun well below its horizon. The lane was little daunting but the hustle bustle of the rickshaw pullers made me feel a bit relaxed. While I walked by, I saw few people sitting idle, few snoring with their dark brown blankets covered all over their body, few begging for food/money and some semi demolished kiosks selling vegetables , some selling tea, biscuits, tobacco, etc. There I saw an old lady who looked pale and seemed likes she didn’t have anything since few days. Suddenly she untied a knot of her sari & took out exactly Rs 3 and asked the shopkeeper to give her a biscuits packet. The shopkeeper gave her a wholesome pack of biscuit which I saw was from a branded manufacturer (not to mention any name). She sat there on a low wooden platform and seemed completely satisfied. Cold shiver ran all over my body seeing her happiness with a gentle smile on her beautiful old face.

I walked towards the shop, took out Rs 10 note and handed it to the shopkeeper. He asked me what do I want, and I gently turned my face to look at her and said



Is it worth investing in a start-up in Kolkata?

Recently India has become one of the best places to invest in for all the foreign investors. Its is a lucrative market with rich availability of resources, changing mindsets, more imbibing to technological advancements being 65% of Indians under the age 35.


As the development phase has triggered especially in all the major cities, there are few metro cities which are still lagging behind. Where cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune are booming exponentially, other metro cities like Chennai & Kolkata are still unable to catch up.

According to Forbes, Bangalore has become one of the Top 10 Cities of the World for a Start-up business. 

Therefore just as India has become a lucrative investment destination for all foreign countries, Kolkata is one of the most sought after destination for any investor.

It’s a city which is yet to be explored, tried and tested.
Any good business idea can be a boon for both Kolkata as well as the startup vogue, where the chances of success are comparatively high.
Cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai are already saturated with myriad startups out of which very few are operating above sea

Start-ups like Zomato,, Tiny Owl have already
started laying off employees tremendously.

Increased competition among similar startups is making them loose colossal amount of money each day.

Where many startup ideas in Kolkata will be unique, thus providing a huge opportunity for the young minds to experiment, invest & grow.


Therefore we can conclude by saying that this is the best time to start something new and experiment new growth opportunities before the startup fad actually hits the city.

Happy Investing.


Should you really join a Digital Marketing Course?

There are few factors depending on whether you should go for any Digital Marketing course or just DIY.

Reasons for taking a Digital marketing course:
1. If you want to have a certified degree from any Training Institute.
2. If you want to learn but lack the passion and commitment you would show for this course while preparing it yourself.
3. If you want to invest your career based on this course on a long term basis.
4. If you want to learn all the nitty gritties of this field and don’t want to keep any stone unturned.
5. To increase the job opportunities with a proof in hand.
6. If you would like to start your own business based on this field particularly and it would be the core of your business.

Reasons for not joining a Digital Marketing Course:
1. If you really have that fire in you, you can anyways do it yourself.
2. 99% depends on your level of dedication and just 1% in the training Institute. So even if you join the best course, everything will depend on your learning interest.
3. Google provides free training for Digital Marketing course which can be accessed by anyone who wants to DIY.
4. Google Analytics  & Google Ad words Certification course can be taken by anyone after giving an Online Exam which is absolutely free of cost. After this certificate you don’t need any Certificate in this world.
5. If you want to invest the hefty course fee amount on Digital Marketing promotions rather than spending it on the course.
6. If you would like to manage your small business/startup promotions yourself but later on hire some Digital Marketer when the business expands further where you will have more important tasks to focus upon.
7. If you think you have that creative mind, which no institute can teach you.

So you see there are various reasons for opting in or opting out of the course. But as we already know this is a growing field so anyone and everyone should be accustomed with the topic because

        The world is going digital,

and so is India.


Online sales: Beginner: What steps do I have to take, learn before trying to Sell on online shopping sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon?



Before you start selling on any of the e-commerce websites, these 10 things should be followed & kept in mind:


  • Be ready with all the official documents of your company like Company/Sole Proprietorship/Partnership Deed Registration Documents, Trade License, VAT/TIN, CST Number, Company PAN Card.
  • Arrange all your pictures, SKU codes, UID number, Stock count, packing material for the products before hand. Some portals are very strict regarding the quality of the pictures so keep their points in mind while clicking high quality pictures.
  • Take a sellers training session in your city whenever it is scheduled and retake if required.
  • After you have done all the necessary arrangements, register in the sellers portal and talk to the customer executive directly in case of any queries. Dedicated executives are available almost any time due to high registrations.
  • Follow the step by step guidance that you receive when you register and it would make you work easier.
  • Follow videos to get a better idea of all the listing & selling processes.
  • And once understood, it becomes easy & interesting when you see your products listed on the portal.
  • Manage the stock counts, add the MRP, Selling price, courier etc according to your selling strategy.
  • You have to upload the excel files after filling all the details of the product and once approved your products will be listed on the portal which takes around a couple of days.

                          And here you Go

                            Happy Selling.
happy selling

The writer is a seller of two T-Shirt Brands named ‘Deer Park’ & ‘Hurray’ whose link you can find below. Therefore these suggestions are out of his personal experience and may vary from person to person.


P.S: All these points are just for a brief idea of how the process goes. It has many details involved, varies according to different websites & is not as simple as it sounds. But you can still hire someone to do this for you if you are not at all Tech Savvy or are busy with other business activity.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

             We live in a world where every human is competing against each other, no time for family, friends and most importantly, himself. We just have one mission and that is satisfying our wants and during this process, knowingly or unknowingly, we exploit various resources which ultimately impact others. But during this wealth attaining process, we fail to realize one most important thing.

What are we contributing to the society?

Is attaining wealth the only objective of our life?


            It’s because people won’t remember us if we just help ourselves. We need to create an impact by lightning up their lives as well. Only then can we progress and move forward.  This realization of social responsibility was made by many multinational organizations when they formed the term ‘Stakeholders’ i.e. who were being impacted by their business activities.   

         “Corporate social responsibility” (CSR) which is also known as “Corporate citizenship”, came into existence during early 1970 but has gained momentum recently and has impacted lot of people all around the globe. It is related to the organization’s conduct and we know that large MNC’s has the ability to bring in change to a huge extent with their sustainable commitment.

          While CSR may be a positive step towards the society, it also helps in increasing profits for the business, said by 74% of respondents to the survey conducted. It also helps earn respect among its shareholders, stakeholders and the outsiders, promising long term profit for the businesses. Currently every large scale business is engaged in some CSR activities or the other, as it has become a matter of profit & pride. And so with this we can understand how important it is for any business to contribute their part to the society in order to survive in their long run competition.




Har chehre ki muskaan the tum,

Har mehfil ki jaan the tum.

Mano ya na Mano,

Sacche Dost ki mishal the tum.


Ho gaye tum kyo khafa,

Tod gaye hazaro dil.

Chor kar chale gaye tum,

Phoolo se saja kar mehfil.


 Tumsa kabhi nahi dekha,

Na kabhi dekh payunga.

Par chalunga tumhari hi raho par,

Aur Hamesha Mohabetein lutaunga .


Bas kehna tha mujhko tumse,

Tum jiyoge saalo saal.

Janam din ki hardik Shubhkamnaye

We really miss you mere yaar.


Nomatter where ever you are, You will always reside in a special corner of our heart.

Thank You Jay, Thank You Vijay for giving us such a wonderful friend.

Many Many Happy Returns of the day.




& * ( ) + P : C V B N ? <


          This is an account of a 65 year old man, who was dragged out of his house by his son and Daughter in law, simply because he had become too old for them to handle. It is a stormy night and pouring heavily when he unconsciously collapsed down on the middle of the street with high fever. But his mind is still racing and he imagines himself on a lonely beach reflecting his thoughts in the course of another imagination without any ray of hope…
                 I stand on a sandy beach in the wee hours, out of the vicinity of the world and away from all, barefooted, as I walk alone in the dark. I notice the deep blue sky with the darkest clouds, making its way to the other side of the world, as the cool puff of air blows against me. I hear the waves striking against the rock in the setting. 
Suddenly i feel cool and fold my hands against my chest, waiting for the daybreak, facing eastwards, towards the never ending ocean, as i stand on my last island. The sky is gradually turning light in color, making the world around me, visible. Birds chirping and hovering around the tall palm trees, which are dancing with the cool breeze, curves into a quarter circle.  All the sounds of the trees, waves, birds, breeze mix together to form a beautiful music, my last music, as i take a step ahead. Gradually the sky turns red as I see a beam of sunlight making its way from the farthest of ocean and reaching my eye,
 and I….
I block the ray of light with my palm instantly and take another step ahead.
            The sun starts peeping from its horizon, coloring everything with bright orange. I can see the shimmering water as I get closer to the never ending sea. The calm water far away, where the sun rises, acts as a mirror reflecting the bright and juvenile sun rays. I come closer to the water and the moment i step on the wetly surface with water caressing my foot, a deep thought engulfs my mind acting as a simile, and reflecting my steps into the sea, with the journey of my life.
           My first step on the wet shore, takes me back to the day i came to this world. As I walk further towards the water, i recollect the memories of childhood, dozing on the lap of my parents, playing with my siblings, my first birthday, and my first day at school where i cried my heart out, because of being forcefully separated from my mom by the most hated lady of the day known as the ‘Teacher’ and was dragged into a jungle of screams called theClassroom.
            I go further where the water touches my knees, which flashbacks my adolescent age where I truly enjoyed all the privileges of an affluent family. Had a lavish school life with all the luxuries, made friends, collegiate and finally found love. From being a spoilt kid, and later becoming a responsible lad, i find myself half submerged in water. Like others, I too enjoyed my youth without any tensions, just like anyone would enjoy the water when half immersed.
I move further towards the deep sea as well as my memories, with the level of water reaching my chest.
Got married, bore a child, flourished in business but something was still bothering me from inside.
After a decade I lost my wife in a car accident.
She went away with all my luck, motivation and love. I started losing everything and was soon devoid of all. My son started hating me when i couldn’t fulfill his wishes and got married to a 5 year older girl who was 50 times richer than i could have ever imagined.
The danger can now be felt as i resolutely stagger myself forward, with the water slapping my chin.
That day I was insulted by my daughter in law and was even beaten up by my son. It was then when i realized:
‘I had grown old’.
It is becoming tough for me to stand firm in the middle of the sea and even have to gulp this salty water reluctantly.
           That day i was discarded out of my own house in that stormy weather. It was pouring heavily and i fell down on the empty street. My old age had become my rival, and it was my only fault. I lay unconscious.
I am gasping for breath now. The water level has reached my nostrils. I am losing control.
I see a huge wave racing towards me fierce fully. I look at the sky with a smile and utter:
‘Thank You God

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs.

RIP Mr Steve Jobs-

The only man with the ability to think out of the box and someone we will owe forever for all the tech we are dependent directly or indirectly in our daily life. A man who thought for the society at large more than caring about himself and his needs. A soul ready to sacrifice evrything for his people. He was a man of genius and calibre. A proactive heart with a thoughtful mind. Uplifted Macintosh to its apex and gave the world wonderful computers and has guided us towards future before leaving. You will always be with us in some way or the other Mr.Jobs…

 Salute You Sir.

“A Flouted Menace”

                    It had been pouring all day long. But I was determined to make it to the church that day; it was 30th of September, my birthday. The church wouldn’t have opened, my folks warned as the route was serene and the church was abandoned but I had promised Jesus to see him that night, so stepped out in the evening. Cool breeze blew with light drizzle. I reached there at 11:30 pm where the church – “St. Martin Cathedral” stood alone amid the tall banyan trees as if peeping from behind. The atmosphere was eerie and tranquil; it was gloomy, just one luminous bulb lit, with hardly any life left. The church gate was enveloped with climbers, which was whacking with each other in that foul and chilling weather. I went closer and pushed the old heavy Iron Gate with great effort and managed to get inside the churchyard. The surface was swamped and was covered by a thick layer of denuded leaves. I noticed a major part of the ground was used for burials, which was hallucinating in such an eccentric atmosphere. I anticipated meeting a chaplain or a Baptist there, so I walked inside.

It was the first time I was inside a chapel. It seemed abandoned for more than a year. The floor and the benches were covered by dust and leaves. The wall had developed chaps and was sore,  light was dim and my vision blurred. I smelled a foul odor and started tracing it. After an arduous scrutiny, I found a small baptistery cum closet. The horrible smell augmented as I went inside.

The room was completely dark so I relied on my cell phone’s torchlight. I was completely coiled by spider’s web, and was feeling very restless. I found a large iron chest and tried opening it to see what was there inside. After some exertion the moment I opened it, I screamed aloud seeing a girls’s skull and limbs chopped into pieces. Suddenly a slashed hand, clothed in blood, fell over me and I rushed out screaming but due to blurred vision I was lost in that deserted Chapel. Window pane started whacking with each other and I ran from one corner to another. The egress and my life were both becoming skeptical. I started breathing heavily, heart pounding and sweating tremendously, but I felt someone constantly chasing me so I couldn’t cease. Seeing the wild bats flapping their leathery wings over me scared me even more. Suddenly a black furred cat sprang upon me and I fell down on the floor. That was the time when I noticed a black apparition, hovering near the ceiling, with its wide fearsome extension coming towards me. I remembered why all my folks had warned beforehand- “The chapel is haunted and abandoned”.  Somehow I managed to elude when I saw a glimpse of an egress. I rushed out but collapsed on the muddy soil of the churchyard where I saw some disembodied spirits coming out of the graveyard and edging towards me. I was petrified and felt paralyzed, unable to scream when I finally fainted………………………


   We all have some special ones in our lives but someone can’t be replenished ever, and I bet that person, that special one will occupy your mind for the next 5 minutes if you help me with your little valuable time.

Without much ado I would like to narrate a short and a very innocuous story:


Once a Baby asked God:

“You are sending me to earth tomorrow, but I am helpless and so small. Who will take care of me there?”

God replied:

“Your Angel will be there to take care of you my son”

The child asked again:

“But what will I do there as I can’t sing and enjoy life of my own”

God further answered:

“Your Angel will sing for you and will make you happy by her unconditional love”

Again the Child asked:

“But what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?”

God smirked and answered:

“Your Angel will teach you how to join hands and pray to me.”

The child restlessly inquired:

“Who will protect me? Who will love me like you?”

God patiently replied:

“She will protect you in every phase of your life my son, In every step you will feel her hand clutched with yours whenever you need someone,  You can rely on her completely, her love will always keep you happy, though I will always be next to you.”

Suddenly the serenity of Heaven was overcome by noises from earth and the child hurriedly asked:

“But God please tell me my Angel’s name???”

God smiled and replied:

You will simply call her






Now I know what exactly you were pondering over when you started reading it from its very outset till the climax of this anecdote. I am not surprised with the fact with what was going on in your mind till this time, but you should realize it by now that the meaning of love just stands for the infatuation you have for someone who pleases your eyes for a short while, who talks to you in an impressive tone, who addresses you sweetly, who compliments you, who becomes your favorite chat-friend and then your promising soul-mate, for whom you stand every time to fight with every throng no matter let it be your parents, but after they leave you calling it as their felony, you realize what have you lost. The person who you thought could never ever hurt you becomes the sole reason for your tears. You are not able to comprehend whether you should blame him/her or yourself. You end up crying all day and night and falling ill subsequently spreading tensions. You become cynical and think that you have lost your reason to live and in worst case committing suicide but remember one thing my friend

 “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”.

              You still have your parents with you to live with, who always stands beside you whenever you are in need. But did you realize who was the one silently suffering more than you in this total event… She is yourMom’.

              She bore you for the most agonizing nine months, she nurtured you with utmost love and affection, taught you pros and cons of every single thing with utmost tenderness, forgave you for all your blemishes and proudly called you herPrince/Princess”.

     But what do you give them most of the time in return???

…Just Pain and Tension….

                    She doesn’t expect much from us, except a bit of love and care. But we have unlimited for others, who breaks it and goes to someone else, and limited for our Mom for whom we don’t bother. We complain our commitments that they don’t give us time, but did you ever hear a mom complaining My child is not giving me time, even if you don’t bother to come and talk to her any day. Do you remember when was the last time you gave quality time to her???

                Your commitments will prove you wrong and guilty every day and you will say ‘sorry’ boundless times just to make him/her smile, but whenever you yell at your mom and make her weep silently, did you ever have the guts to go and say herSorry Mom”,  just once???

              If yes then only you can realize a Mom’s heart, when you saw her wiping her tears and hugging you back and replying youIt’s OK my child, I am Fine. But to the other people, I must say that you are not brave enough to do so. If you can’t love the person who gave you your life, you can never love any other soul till your egress from this domain.

She gave you your life,

She is the one who sat beside you singing lullaby and watching you doze off.

She is the one with whom you smiled, laughed, cried for the first time when you came to this world.

She was your first teacher who taught all the values and ethics of life.

She was the one who defended you whenever you went off beam.

She endured all your anger whenever you yelled at her for no reason.

God could not be everywhere and therefore He created Mothers.

God sees us through our Mothers’ eyes and rewards us for our virtues.

She is the only manifest embodiment of God.

               She is the best living manageress of our house but very few people realize it. She manages every single thing at our place no matter it’s us, our family problems or the daily cumbersome job bestowed upon her. But people go out to find their idol when the realdeityis waiting for her child at home. She is our teacher, our adviser, our real inspiration. We only realize their value when she silently goes away from us taking her compassionate heart away, which we never realized, was the only support we were standing upon. That is the time we miss her the most, more than anyone else, but unfortunately there is no substitute for mothers. We yearn and recall all the memories linked with her.

She was the one who held me tenaciously whenever I had the risk of tumbling down the bed.

She was the only source of nourishment for me.

She was the one who could do any unfeasible thing just to make my smile.

She was the one who ran to help me when I fell, and then kissed the place to help me recover.

She endured everything without any protest.

She brought sunshine into the house; and it is now a pleasure to be there.

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.

                             When we are small, mothers are everything for us; we revolve around her all day whenever we need something. To protect us from all perceivable dangers, we need her. We run to her to get a cozy kiss. We look for her when we need a warm hug and her love. She is the greatest divinity on earth. There is no way we can ever thank mother for all that she have done for us. She stayed awake all night when we were ill, praying to God to make us well and give her the pain that we are going through.  She wakes us early in the morning to make the best Tiffin for us and also endures all our tantrums. But we always complain and she always Pampers us. Mothers always helped us complete our projects, leaving behind all her work when we were busy playing around.

             There were a couple of incidents few days before which made me write this causerie. From then I realized the value of mothers in our life and then I decided to make you feel the same. I noticed the pain in my friend’s eyes that were red swollen when he lost his Mom. When I lost my brother like friends ‘Jay’ and ‘Bijay’, it drove me write my first Causerie named Enamored Souland now thisCaressing Touchis dedicated to all the Mothers.

Another incident which further made me irresistible was a real story where a mother committed suicide to help and save her husband and son’s life as they needed an eye operation and kidney transplant respectively. But the most heart throbbing thing was her letter expressing her last wish to make use of her organs for her family, was found after she was cremated.………………


Once a child called the telecom operator and asked

“Hallo, does heaven have a phone number? People say that my mamma is in heaven now. Do you know where this place is? My tummy pains and today I fell down in the ground, I need her right now. Can you tell me where to search her phone no? Is it in the Yellow pages? I don’t know where to look but I need my mamma. I think my father needs her too, at night I hear him cry, I hear him murmur her name sometimes. Please help me. I know if I call her, she will hurry home to me. She’s being gone a long, long time. She needs to come back home now. I need her. I can’t understand the big big words in this book, I am just seven. Please help me find her number. Before going, my mamma told me that whenever I need to see her, I should go to the temple and close my eyes but I can’t see her. I have a letter given by mamma before going but I cannot understand it now. I feel very lonely at home”.


  Mothers are the one on whom we put all our blames for our failures. We wouldn’t hesitate once to point at her single faux pas through and she wouldn’t miss a slightest prospect to praise for all our virtues. We made her life so hard by behaving rude and making her face our tantrums every single day, but for her, we are still the best.

                   When are we going to realize the presence of this Demigod??? We are so demanding from parents, especially mothers but also take her love and affection for granted. We have this caressing touch of our mom now and so we are very happy, I feel it when I ask my mom to pat and caress my back shoulder as I lie. You can feel the same my friend, go for it. It’s never too late, go and apologize for all the trouble you have given to our mom knowingly or unknowingly, and make her feel good. Promise yourself not to make this divine soul cry ever again. Try to make her hassle free by helping her sometimes. Do it without any expectation of any incentive, because she have been serving all without receiving anything in return except pain, tears and anguish. Make her smile and happy and she will let bygones be bygones and then you will recognize your Deity and comprehend what have you got….  

For all the ways you’ve helped me grow,

I want to say “I LOVE YOU MOM…….” ❤